Thursday, 8 November 2012

The new 'skills' I have acquired since having a child...

  • Ability to change a nappy without holding my breath or going 'eugh'
  • Counting age in weeks (When does that stop?)
  • Being able to sweep a room SAS style for potential baby attractions (wires/drinks/curtains/various expensive and breakable items)
  • The ability to watch copious amounts of Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom and still laugh at Nanny Plum's dry sense of hunour.
  • Pureeing- I am the pureeing Queen- there is not a thing that I cannot turn to mush.
  • The ability to pack a bag as if leaving for a week every time we leave the house- after a rather messy incident in Marks and Spencers, I will never forget the spare change of clothes again.
  • I have learnt not to compare my child's development with that of others, I am simply chuffed and embarrassingly proud when she learns something new. 
  • The ability to death stare whilst muttering something highly rude whenever someone says something negative about my child. 
  • I now know the words in full to four nursery rhymes- this is a skill that needs working on otherwise Darcey may grow up believing that Halo by Beyonce is also a nursery rhyme. 
  • The ability to do a variety of tasks one handed, these include making up a bottle, going to the toilet and replying to my emails.
Joking aside, I feel like I have learnt a lot since Darcey was born. Some things have taken me by surprise but that is one of the most interesting things about having children; that new little person brings out the best and worst in us. 

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